Become a Better Presenter and Speaker with Google Glass

Most of the people who are able to present themselves to an audience in an entertaining way have practiced and have tons of terrible presentations under their belt. Some of us start off more comfortable on stage than others, but at the end of the day, you have to practice presentations a lot to get comfortable so that you can present yourself to an audience in an understandable and enjoyable way. Speaking and doing presentations is a skill like anything else. You have to practice to become better.


If you look at anyone who performs to a crowd on a regular basis and look at their history. You will notice that their career started off terribly. Let’s look at comedians. Most of the greatest comedians started off doing absolutely terrible on stage. While most of their success is based around certain jokes, presentation is extremely important and most of them failed at presenting themselves the way they wanted at the beginning. Most of them didn’t speak clearly, most of them cowered away from the microphone, and lastly, most of them let the crowd get to them. Still, after a bunch of sets and with a lot of practice, they got more comfortable and now they are killing it on stage.

To become a good speaker or presenter at a conference or at a meeting, you’re going to have to fight some demons. Whether it be your own shyness or whatever, you’re going to have to get past that on your own time and technology will not help you with demons such as those. Still, technology like Google Glass can help you in a few ways and can help you learn things about yourself, help you analyze the crowd, and can prevent SOME disasters.

Today we are going to talk about a few ways that Google Glass can help you become a better speaker and presenter. So, how about we begin?

Fighting the Nervousness

A lot of people get nervous before speaking, because they are scared they are going to mess up. It’s completely understandable and honestly, you will probably never get over that. Luckily for you, Google Glass can help you with this and can act as your backup plan.

There are a couple of slideshow apps, and note taking apps out there for Google Glass. The most popular one is probably SlideshowU ( will take over once it is released). While you shouldn’t completely rely on something like this while doing a presentation, it can come in handy for those moments where you start to get nervous and the crowd starts to get to you. There’s going to be short periods of time where people are going to be looking at you and you’re going to be like “Am I doing something wrong?”, “Did I say that right?”, and all kinds of other questions related to self doubt. This is mostly because you’re nervous, scared you’re going to mess up, and don’t want to look like a fool.

With a slideshow app or note app for Google Glass, you can always keep up with what you’re doing and saying. You might think you said something weird, or think you have lost your path during your speech / presentation, but you can always take a quick peek at your slideshow to see if you are actually messing up. Most of the time, you’re not messing up. You just think you are. Still, a slideshow app will offer you guidance during your speech and presentation so that you know that you’re on track.

Also, most of the time knowing that something is there to help you will be enough to actually make you less nervous. A slideshow app can help you keep track of where you are at during a presentation, prevent you from messing up, and offer you some comfort that will help you feel a bit more relaxed during your presentation. Being relaxed is a good thing, because an audience can smell fear (not really). Really, a slideshow app will help you infinitely during speeches and presentations and will make them better overall.



Even though a slideshow will help you, you’re still going to mess up. It happens. No one can escape a slip up, but you can’t run from them. You have to acknowledge your mistakes if you want to become a better speaker. Don’t cower in the corner after stumbling during a presentation. You need to analyze why you messed up and how you can prevent that next time. And, that’s where Google Glass comes in handy. Google Glass can help you record the words that you’re speaking and record the audiences reaction. This is wonderful, because not only do you have the audio you need to analyze your mistakes and to figure out how to improve yourself, but you also get the reaction of the audience.

If you say something unclear during a presentation or speech, then you’ll see the facial expressions of people in the front row. If you say something that makes you stumble or makes you go: “Why did I say that?”. Well, you know because of the recording and can adjust yourself and your presentation so that it goes smoothly the next time around.

Also, you’re going to be saying things that aren’t on the presentation occasionally or “off the cuff”. Some of these things will have amazing results, and some will not. With a recording, you can retain your awesome off the cuff stuff for later presentations.

Recordings are a way to analyze your own words, your own actions, and the reactions of the audience. You need to analyze this stuff, because some people are going to think your presentation was terrible and one way to find out why they think it was terrible is by analyzing your own footage. Not only that, but you’ll notice things that work better than others and can readjust your presentation to remove the “weak things”.

Basically, recording your presentations and speeches through Google Glass will give you a perspective about yourself that you need to know. You need to know when you slip up, what works, and what reactions the audience is giving you. The best way to analyze things is with video. You can even give Google Glass to a friend to record you while you’re on stage to get an even better perspective. Overall, Google Glass can record decent footage which can be used to analyze and improve yourself.

Instant Feedback and Quick Responses


If you have Google Glass, then you most likely have your social media profiles and emails connected to it. This is a good thing, because depending on what conference you spoke at or how big the meeting was, you’re going to be getting feedback almost instantly. People are going to be tagging you in their tweets, Facebook posts, or they might even email you. The reaction is either going to be “good presentation” or “that was terrible”. You need to acknowledge both of these types of reactions, especially the negative ones. Most people these days want to run away from the negative criticism they face, but doing that never helps them improve.

Having Google Glass puts this criticism directly in your face. Yes, you can swipe past it easily, but I feel it’s a lot easier to swipe past something that’s not directly in your face (phone). Google Glass puts things right in front of your eye, and forces you to see it. Not only that, but you can easily reply to it and investigate why they think it was a bad presentation or speech. Through voice you can easily send out small responses to negative criticism. Seeing the negative feedback will bother you, but the criticism and advice that people provide you with will benefit you greatly and will help you in the long run. If they are giving you legit advice and criticism, then accept it and try to improve yourself based on it. Don’t run away.

Basically, Google Glass can help you see feedback instantly, force you to confront it, and help you reply to it quickly. The feedback you get after presentations will benefit you greatly when you speak at another event or do another presentation.

Inspiration and Positive Thoughts

You’re going to beat yourself up a little bit before doing a presentation. You’ll have some self doubt, and really it’s nothing to worry about. Everyone experiences self doubt, especially if they recently had a presentation go wrong. With that being said, Google Glass is the perfect tool for raising the spirits, giving someone some inspiration, and just giving them the thoughts they need before going out to do their presentation.

Google Glass has many Quote apps, and while it might sound silly that one of these apps might help someone become a better presenter, it will. How many times have you read a quote on Facebook and felt a little bit better about yourself? Probably numerous times. Being in a positive mood is what you want before going on stage. You don’t want to walk on stage being a nervous wreck with nothing but negative emotions. Looking at quotes might be just the push you need to be like “Yes, I can do this!”. Being in the right mindset will help you greatly, and will result in a way better presentation.

I recommend everyone to look at positive things before going on stage. Google Glass can put positive quotes and thoughts in front of someone easily. Looking at positive things before speaking or doing a presentation helps a lot!


So, those are some of the ways that I think Google Glass can help people become better presenters and speakers. Google Glass can help you stay on track while on stage, it can record things for later analysis and self improvement, help you view your feedback instantly, and give you the positive push you need to make a great presentation.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you know of any ways that Google Glass can help someone become a better speaker or presenter, then feel free to share them down below!