Everything You Need to Know About Charging Google Glass

When that battery hits 0 there’s only one thing you can do and that’s charge Google Glass. Here’s everything you need to know about charging Google Glass. There’s not a whole lot to know, but the little bit there is to know should be learned.

Glass Charging

Image Source: http://jrswab.com/2013/06/14/google-glass-unboxing/

Power States

Google Glass has three power states. Here are the three different power states:

Active – When Google Glass is active you can interact with it and use all of its features.

Inactive – Google Glass goes into the inactive power state when the power button is pressed briefly or when on-head detection is on and Google Glass is taken off. While Google Glass is in the inactive power state, voice and touch will not work. Calls and notifications will also not work in the inactive power state. Google Glass can take picture and capture video with the camera button while in the inactive power state, but that’s it.

Pressing the power button briefly will put Google Glass back into its active state.

Off – Google Glass can be turned off by holding the power button for 3 seconds. When Google Glass is off it is using no power at all, and it can’t even charge while in this power state.

Charging Google Glass

Charging Google Glass is almost exactly like Charging a cell phone except for the fact that you have to have Google Glass in its active power state for it to charge.

Here are the steps to charge Google Glass:

1. Make sure that Google Glass is in its active power state.

2. Grab the wall mount and USB charger that came with Google Glass and plug it into the device.

3. Wait, and let the device fully charge before picking it up to use it.

Google Glass Will Not Turn On

If Google Glass hasn’t been plugged up to charge in a few days, then it could have lost its battery charge and may not turn on. If Google Glass is refusing to turn on due to a few days of not charging, it needs to be plugged in the wall overnight. After an overnight charge, it should turn on via a simple press of the power button.

Calibrate the Battery

Occasionally the battery inside Google Glass will get a bit wonky and will not allow you to get a ton of usage out of it. If Google Glass ever seems like it is only providing a few hours worth of usage, then the battery should definitely be calibrated.

Calibrating the battery inside Google Glass is pretty easy. The device just needs to be used until the battery is depleted and recharged two times. After that, the battery should be providing a more reasonable amount of usage.

That is all that needs to be known about charging Google Glass. Hopefully this little bit of information was helpful, and if it was, then make sure to give it a share!