Force a Google Glass Auto Backup

Before XE 16.2, the only way we could auto back up our media was by connecting the device to its charger and making sure it was connected to Wi-Fi. Not a terrible process by far, but there were times when people wanted to backup certain things without being connected to the charger. Google eventually saw that Explorers weren’t happy with the way backups were being handled, so with the XE 16.2 update we got the ability to “force” an auto backup.

In XE 16.2 (and newer updates), there is an option in the settings menu that allows you to backup whenever you want. Today, I’m going to be talking about where exactly in the settings menu the force backup option is, and how to use it. I hope you enjoy!

Before doing anything, you should make sure that your Google Glass device is up-to-date. To update Google Glass, you simply have to connect it to its charger and make sure it is connected to Wi-fi. After sitting on the charger for a while, it should update. If your Google Glass is running XE 17.1, then you’re good to go. I ask you to update, not because this guide necessarily requires you to, but because it is something you should do whenever possible.


Once you have made sure that your device is up-to-date, we can start swiping around the settings card. To start an auto backup, swipe over to the settings card on Google Glass, select it, and then swipe over to the =Auto Backup card. On the Auto Backup card, you’re going to see how many things are ready to be backed up to Google+. If you don’t have anything to backup, then the Auto Backup card will say so.

If you see that there are some things that need to be backed up, then go ahead and tap on the backup card. Once you tap on the backup card, you will see three cards for different options. Here is a breakdown of all your options:

Back up all: Tapping this option will make Google Glass backup the videos and photos on the device. This option can be used even when Google Glass has a low amount of battery left, and a crappy connection.

Back up photos: Don’t want to back up videos and want to only backup photos? Well, here is the option for you! Tapping this option will force Google Glass to backup all your photos. Like the option above, it can be used with a low amount of battery life and with any connection.

Clear: Tapping the clear card will remove all photos and videos that have already been backed up to Google+. If you use this option, you will no longer be able to access the cleared content via Google Glass, but you can still access it via your Google+ account.

The clear option is your best friend, especially if you like to take photographs. When things get crowded, the clear option will be there to save your rear end. All the backup options are good though, and I’m glad we have these options.

If you found this guide helpful, then spread it around and share it with a friend. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask them below! So, did you enjoy the guide?