Get All Notifications from iOS on Google Glass

iOS users got the MyGlass app in December and then they got SMS notifications last week. The iOS + Google Glass experience is steadily improving, but there is still a hunger for more. iOS users aren’t asking for a lot, they just want the same features that Android users are enjoying.

One way that iOS users can enhance their experience is by receiving all their notifications on Google Glass. As mentioned above, iOS users can get SMS notifications, but it would be so much cooler to be able to view all notifications from Google Glass. Well, one Explorer has found a little trick to get more information from an iPhone on to the Google Glass display.

Explorer Caleb Wong has discovered that by installing a simple app meant for smart watches, you can get all notifications from iOS on Google Glass. In the picture below, you can see that by using this method, a notification from the Line App is being displayed on Google Glass.


In a forum post on the Google Glass community, Caleb Wong explains how to get all notifications from iOS on to Google Glass.

“In order to get ALL notifications, which here means ALL! Including non-SMS, non-iMessages notifications, you will need to have an APP whic[sic] connects Bluetooth 4.0 devices and handles notifications. The app somehow forwards all notifications and detected by Glass as message notifications, but the sender will then be the 3rd party app name!

For me, I installed MetaWatch manager. (this was used to connect to my MetaWatch for sync and notifications) I think you can install any which does Bluetooth 4.0 notifications handling app. “

Sadly, this little trick doesn’t come without  a downside. It’s pretty easy to get an overwhelming amount of notifications from doing this, which can eat up battery life and can cause frustration. So, if you plan on doing this, then make sure your phone doesn’t receive a ton of notifications per hour.

While this isn’t a perfect solution, this allows iPhone users to get a little more out of their Google Glass. Google is slowly improving the iOS experience, so we should see some more “official” ways of doing this in the future.

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 Source: Gigaom