How to Improve the Sound of the Bone Conduction Speaker

Google Glass uses a bone conduction transducer to deliver sound to the user. While the bone conduction speaker works pretty well in a quiet area, it can be difficult to hear sounds produced by Google Glass if you are in a noisy environment. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any hardware mods or hacks available to improve the bone conduction speakers, but there are some small tricks that you can use to improve the sound a little bit.

How to Improve the Sound of the Bone Conduction Speaker

Press The “Speaker” Against Your Head

You shouldn’t use all your strength, but firmly pressing the area where the bone conduction speaker will help with iduction and improve audibility.


Wear a Headband/Beanie

A well placed headband or beanie will keep the speaker pressed firmly against your head and will help with bone conduction. Obviously, this isn’t going to make you look any cooler, and honestly it will probably draw more attention, but hey … at least you might be able to muffle out some of the people asking if you’re taking a picture of them.

Cup Your Ears

Cupping your hands over your ears seems to do a pretty good job at reducing most ambient sounds and improving audibility. This might look a little silly in public, but who cares. I’d rather look silly and be able to hear instead of being frustrated.

Upgrade to Earbuds

The tricks above will definitely help you hear the speaker a bit better, but the best option would be to go and buy some earbuds for Google Glass. The earbuds are pretty expensive, but they are worth the money. While the bone conduction speakers work, it’s just not that great a solution. Just avoid all the bone conduction frustration and get some earbuds.

Final Thoughts

The above tricks are the only ones that I know of and use. It would be pretty nice if someone came out with a hack to boost the speaker’s sound, but I’m not sure if that’s going to ever happen. Really, the best thing you can do to improve sound is to just buy the expensive earbuds.

So, what has been your experience with the bone conduction speakers? How are you enhancing the Google Glass’s sound and improving audibility while in crowded areas? Make sure to share your tricks in the comments down below!