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How to Do a Factory Reset

Tsk-tsk, seems someone messed up their Google Glasses. You should be ashamed of yourself!Obviously, I'm joking. In all seriousness, there are going to be times where a factory reset is needed. For instance, you will need to do a factory reset if

How to Enable Wink For Picture

One of the coolest features that we got from the XE12 update was the ability to snap a photo with a simple wink. And, despite this feature bringing up more privacy concerns, it is pretty neat and useful. I like to joke about how people will be usin

How to Root Google Glass

Rooting Google Glass really isn't that hard and gives you access to everything. Rooting your Google Glass device removes every limitation that it might have while unrooted.Before you start tinkering with things, you should know that rooting your

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