How to Unpair Google Glass with An Account


Occasionally, you are going to need to change the account that Google Glass™ is paired with such as when you are lending the device to a friend. Unpairing and switching the account that is linked to Google Glass isn’t very complicated and just requires a simple factory reset. With that said, before you do a factory reset and hand your Google Glass off to a friend, you should make sure to backup all your media.

To backup your media, simply plug your Google Glass into your wall charger and make sure that it is connected to wifi – your pictures and videos will then backup automatically to Google+. You can also connect Google Glass to your computer, and simply drag and drop the videos to your hard drive.

After you have backed up everything, all you have to do is a factory reset and complete the setup process via the MyGlass app to pair a new account.

To do a factory reset, go to the Google Glass home screen, swipe forward to the Settings and tap into them. Swipe forward until your see the Device info card, tap it, and swipe forward until you see Factory Reset. Tap Factory Reset and follow the process.

When the Factory Reset is done, all you have to do is download and open the MyGlass app on your friend’s, or whomever’s, phone and follow the setup process to pair Google Glass to a new account.

You can also pair the device by using a computer browser and going to under the new account. When you go to the MyGlass page, you will need to accept some terms and conditions, and enter your wifi information. Once that is done you will be asked to scan a QR code, which will transfer the new account and wifi network information to Google Glass.

That is all you have to do to unpair an account from Google Glass and to pair a new one. If this little guide helped you, then make sure to share it so that it helps more people.