Google Glass Adjust – Brightness, Volume, and the Screen

Google Glass Adjust

New Explorers usually don’t know how to go about increasing the brightness, volume, or how to make Google Glass feel more comfortable while being worn. So, here is a short guide on how Explorers can adjust the brightness, volume, and screen on Google Glass.

Google Glass Adjust


Sadly, there is no default setting that can be adjusted to increase the brightness of the Google Glass display. With that said, there is a little trick and an app that can be used to change the brightness of the Google Glass display.

A trick to brightening up the display is to look at the brightest object nearby for a minute, and then look away. The screen should automatically adjust and be a bit brighter for a little bit.

Google Glass Master Control is an app that can be installed on Google Glass and can be used to adjust the brightness of Google Glass. After installing the app on Google Glass, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted by saying the following commands:

“Brightness Up”

“Brightness Down”

“Brightness Minimum”

“Brightness Max”

“Brightness Manual”

Those are the two ways that most Explorers go about adjusting their screen brightness.


The Google Glass volume is at 100% by default, which may be too high or maybe even too low for some people. If the volume is too high, then the volume can be adjusted and lowered by going to the settings bundle.

If the volume is too low when it is at 100%, then there’s not much that can be done besides getting headphones or improving the amount of contact that the bone conduction speaker has with the wearer’s head. If the bone conduction speaker has better contact with the wearer’s head, then the device will be easier to hear.

Contact can be improved by simply pressing the device where the bone conduction speaker is. Google Glass owners can also try plugging an ear with one finger – some people say that helps improve the sound.

Also, the volume of Google Glass can be adjusted hands-free if the Google Glass Master Control app is installed. Once the app is installed, the volume can be increased by saying the following commands:

“Audio Up”

“Audio Down”

“Audio Mute”

“Audio Max”

“Audio Manual”

That’s how you can increase the volume on Google Glass and improve the sound.


When Google Glass is pulled out of the box, some adjustments need to be done so that the display isn’t right in front of the wearer’s eyes and so that it is comfortable while being worn. Now, Google Glass isn’t indestructible so the person adjusting the device should be careful while doing so.

The frame is pretty strong and can be bent. So, if the frame feels like it is squeezing your head like a nutcracker, then don’t be scared to bend it gently to make it a little more comfortable. If the frame feels loose, then you can bend the frame inward to make it feel more secure.

When it comes to the nose stems, you want to bend them and position them to where the display is above your eye and not in front of them. Nosepads should be adjusted to where they are secure against your nose.

Also, don’t be afraid to play with the display hinge; the display should be slightly above your eye, but you should still be able to see the whole screen.

So, that’s how you go about adjusting different things on Google Glass. Hopefully these tips will help make Google Glass a bit more comfortable for you. If you enjoyed the tips, then make sure to spread the article around.

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April 10, 2014