A Guide to Google Glass Search Cards

There is a surprising amount of searches that you can do on Google Glass that have special cards surrounding them. Some searches are automatically spoken aloud and some perform actions.

Google Glass Search

Here is a list of searches you can do on Google Glass, and what they will do. You can use these searches with the voice command “Ok Glass, Google [search]”. You will need to have Google Now enabled for them to work.

[search] = the bolded phrases below.

Show My Pictures

Returns a mosaic of eight pictures that were recently auto-uploaded to your Google+ account.

Sudo Make Me a Sandwich

Searching this will find all nearby sandwich shops.

Video of [Subject]

This will return video cards of the subject.

What is This Song?

Searching this will switch Google Glass to the Google play song recognizer and will provide you with the name of the song that is currently playing near you.

Stock Report for [Company]

This search will return cards with the companies stock information. One card includes the company’s ticker, price, and stock change. Another card has the opening, high, low, volume, average trade volume, and market cap.

What is the Scientific Name For An [Insert Animal Here]?

Returns a card with the animals scientific name.

What is The [Stat Name] of an [Animal]?

This search returns cards for the stats of an animal. The current stats you can look up include: lifespan, mass, size, gestation period, and daily sleep.

What is The Active Ingredient in [Pharmaceutical]?

Searching this will return a card with the chemicals that are in the pharmaceutical you looked up.

[In-season Sports Team]

Returns a card about the next game of the team, and a card with the score from the last game the team won.

How Many Calories Are in a [Food]?

Returns a card with the calorie information of the food you searched. For a more accurate calorie count, consider using the search presented below.

How Many Calories are in [Unit] of [Food]?

Provides the same information as the above search, but for a specific amount of food.

What is a [Subject]?

Searching this will return a card with the subject’s definition or wikipedia description and read it aloud.

How Do I Say [Word/Phrase] in [Language]?

Translates the word or phrase into the requested language and displays it on a card.

Pictures of [Subject]

Returns a mosaic with pictures of the subject.

What is the Traffic to [Place]?

Provides a card with the traffic information related to the place you looked up and reads it aloud.

How Far Away is [Place]?

Returns a card with the road distance, drive time, and route information from your current location to the other place.

[Business type]

Returns individual cards for 10 nearby businesses of the type you looked up.

What’s [Amount] [Unit]s in [Unit]s?

Converts the units and speaks the results aloud.

What’s My Agenda?

Shows five upcoming events from your Google Calendar. There are five cards that show more details about each individual event.

Where Am I?

Searching this will return a card with the current city you are in and a marker indicating where you are in the city.


These are most of the “special” searches that you can do on Google Glass. There are other ones, but they’re mostly random and pretty silly. If we missed your favorite search cards, then feel free to suggest them in the comments below and we’ll add them.

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