Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is Testing Google Glass

The busiest Airport in the Netherlands is testing Google Glass. Last month, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport began equipping a couple of their airport authority officers with Google Glass to help them complete some tasks more efficiently.


The airport developed a custom application for the device that allows authority officers to request gateway information hands-free. By saying “Okay Glass, find a flight” followed by a gateway number, authority officers are able to see airport codes, aircraft registration, scheduled times, how many people are on board and more.

Right now, authority officers can really only use the application to view gateway and flight information. With that being said, the airport is hoping to add additional features to their custom application in the future. One possible future feature will give authority officers the ability to know the distances between barriers just by glancing at them.

Interestingly enough, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is also using Google Glass to learn more about customers’ airport experiences. They’re taking advantage of the camera and the microphone on the device to gather information about what customers look at and what they talk about as they walk through the airport. The airport is aiming to use the information that they gather to improve the information that is displayed around the airport and to improve their customers’ experiences in general.

Schiphol isn’t the only airport in Europe that has experimented with Google Glass. Last year, the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, Edinburgh Airport in the UK, and the London Heathrow Airport in the UK all experimented, in different ways, with the device. Most of the airports that tested Google Glass reported positive things from their experiments and trials. So, I expect Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to have a blast during their trial as well.

via TechCrunch