Awkward Moments of a Google Glass Explorer

Being a Google Glass Explorer isn’t all fun and games. While you do get the chance to provide feedback about the device, and get test out a new piece of technology – you are also entering a world of awkwardness. When an Explorer wears their Google Glass they are pretty much setting themselves up for dirty looks, stares, awkward questions, and even trolls who know how Google Glass operates.

We thought it would be funny to read and compile a post of some of awkward stories. So, we decided would ask the Google Glass community to share their most awkward Google Glass moments. Here are some of the stories that were shared with us! Keep in mind, the title of these stories were made up by me. The stories themselves are by actual users though!

google glass

Just in Time

I was screencasting on a huge display, and while at the Ok Glass menu, someone in the audience yelled “Ok Glass Google pictures of naked girls” and Glass picked up on it. I quickly unplugged the cable. If I’d been a bit late, the Google search results would have flashed on the huge display. – Shazafar Khaja

It Helps Keep My Head Straight

In a deli someone was eye balling me, then finally had enough courage to approach me and ask ” if I was wearing a blue retainer on my head” – Jason Kapitanyan

He Withdrew Himself from the Situation

I was out walking around and stopped to hack some portals while playing Ingress. as I was looking down at my phone, there was a guy next to me that was obviously wondering what I was wearing. he finally opened his mouth and said “um, excuse me…. do yo- you you know where the nearest ATM is?” As he asked, he never broke eye contact with my Google Glass. I told him that I was not familiar with the area and he just walked away saying “ok, sorry to bother you.” – It’s like he was very curious to see what it was because he has never seen such a device before, but was too afraid to directly ask what it was. – Greg Hales

Don’t Forget to Wipe Your Glass

Within [the] first 10 minutes of wearing… [I] walk out into the hallway of my apartment. Total stranger goes: “Do you wear them when you poop?”

Ummm, [I] hadn’t thought of it but I guess I won’t now… – Tom McKee

That’s Definitely Not a Banana Split

I was doing a screen cast with Glass at a public event and Googled “epic splits video” instead of just “epic splits” which in rehearsal had consistently given me the Van Damme Volvo advert as planned on YouTube ….. Except this time it tried to return results for “explicit splits video”  … much to my embarrassment. – Paul Gailey Alburquerque

A Very Weird Question

[I was] at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA and a tall man came up and asked if I had a mental condition that required me to wear Glass. When I said no he looked at me awkwardly and walked away. Very odd experience. – Spencer Kleyweg

What Does the Scouter Say?

While in Japan, the first time some teens saw me wearing it and they were pointing in [sic] laughing.. I got closer to hear what they was saying and they said in Japanese:

“Look at him! Look at him! He is trying to be Vegeta! Haha!”

Not being a Dragonball Z fan I thought Vegeta was a Japanese word I hadn’t learned yet. So I tried translate which failed… Then I Google searched it and saw the character and i felt extremely awkward…

For the rest of that visit I made it a point to educate every group of teens that i [sic] saw laughing! And where a LOT of them. Lol.

I like the Vegeta reference now though… – Kadeaus Couloute

Show Me Your Jewels

Sports club “salesperson” noted that I must be in the diamond business (was trying to sell me an upscale package). He was very proud that he had figured that out until I told him about Google Glass. – Joe White

Best Comment

My wife said I can’t say – Jason Adams


Sadly, those are pretty much the only stories that were submitted. The fact that people are trolling Google Glass wearers with voice commands already is pretty hilarious. Out of all the stories, I think the first one and fifth one have to be the funniest stories because I can just imagine the amount of panic that happened in those moments – I wish there was video of their facial reactions.

Which story out of all the above can you relate to the most? Have you had any awkward/funny moments with Google Glass? Did any of the stories above have you laughing?