A Backflip Fail, Drifting, Paintballing, and More #ThroughGlass

Google Glass has brought us a new and interesting way for us to share our lives. And, despite all the privacy shenanigans, you have to admit that it has helped bring us some pretty awesome videos. While the Google Glass demo is hard to compete with when it comes to footage, there are a lot of people sharing interesting moments of their lives through Google Glass. So, today we decided to gather up six #throughglass videos that we thought were interesting and deserves a watch.

1.Lotus Autocross Recorded on Google Glass

It’s not often that you see someone “racing” while wearing Google Glass. This is a really cool video of a quick lap around an autocross course from the driver’s eye view.

2. Playing Paintball #throughglass

Stephen might not be the best paintballer to ever live, but he still created an awesome #throughglass video.

3. First Google Glass Fail?

From the sound of things, Google Glass wasn’t the only thing to hit the floor during the creation of this video. Is this the first Google Glass fail?

4. Google Glass At The Gun Range Part 2

Most of you probably remember the first gun range video that went viral. Well, this video is from the same guy, but this time he tries to give us a view through the scopes.

5. Fencing Lesson #ThroughGlass

Wish we got to see what it looked like through the fencing mask. Anyway, here’s a pretty cool video of what it looks like to fence #throughglass.

6. 3 Gun Stage with Google Glass

Yes, this is another gun video, but don’t worry … it’s a little more action packed than number four.

Those are all the videos that we got for you. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Also, don’t forget to support the creators by sharing and liking their videos.

So, which moment/video did you enjoy the most?