Bedroom-bound Man uses Google Glass and Drone to See Outside World

Stuart Turner, a 36-year-old quadriplegic man, is using some software, a pair of Google Glass, and a drone to roam around the Brown University campus and to see the outside world from his bedroom.


Stuart Turner suffers from several spine and brain disorders including spina bifida, tethered spinal cord syndrome and chiari malformation. The brain and spine disorders have caused him to lose control of his arms and legs. And, has limited him mostly to his bedroom.

Mr. Turner isn’t letting his disorders stifle his interests in technology though. He is currently working with scientists at Brown University to develop a drone and some software that will allow him to roam and see the world from any location he wishes.

Mr. Turner is able to control a drone via Google Glass head-controls and is able to see what a drone sees via a live video stream provided by the drone. The drone and software combination is still in testing, but Mr. Turner has been able to roam the Brown University campus using it.

Turner is going to continue to work on the drone and software for a while. He is hoping to replace Google Glass in the future. He would like the setup to include a virtual reality headset so that he can get a panoramic view from the drone. A virtual reality headset would definitely provide a better and more interesting view.

Also, Turner is hoping that his drone setup will show the world that drones can be used for good.

“For every killer drone you show me, I can show you a drone that is saving lives all around the world.”

Source: The Telegraph