BMW to use Google Glass to Inspect Vehicle Quality

Google Glass is an amazingly helpful tool, but it’s hated by many. A good chunk of people dislike the device and don’t like the idea of it being used while driving or the idea of it being used at all. With that being said, while a nice big group of people hate the device, it’s not stopping companies and car manufacturers from using it.


According to NDTV, BMW has a project underway that involves them using Google Glass to inspect their vehicles. BMW’s plan is to equip employees at their Spartanburg plant with Google Glass so that they can record tests that they do on vehicles.

Currently, most vehicle tests are documented in writing. Written documentation can convey problems properly sometimes but, according to people at BMW, a lot of the time written descriptions about problems are a little bit vague and require followup. The company is hoping that equipping their employees with Google Glass, so that they can record and take pictures during tests, will result in problems getting identified and fixed quicker.

Besides using Google Glass to record tests, the company is also working on a video call feature that will allow employees to answer and ask questions as soon as they discover problems.

In my opinion, I think BMW will see some positive results from this project. Videos and pictures taken through Google Glass should definitely help them with their reports. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think BMW will see some positive results? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!