Brain Power Developing Google Glass Apps To Help Children with Autism

Brain Power, a Massachusetts-based startup, is developing some apps and hardware addons for Google Glass that will help autistic kids learn better communication skills.

The apps created by Brain Power are bundled together and the bundle is called the “Empowered Brain Suite for Autism”. The bundle of apps helps teach better social skills to autistic kids by turning normal interactions into fun little exercises and games.

One of the exercises in the app suite aims to help kids interpret different expressions and emotions by identifying the expressions that their parents are displaying. Another exercise in the app suite helps kids build a stronger vocabulary by identifying objects in front of the child and then having Google Glass tell the child about the objects. Overall very small exercises, but ones that will help the child build communication skills overtime.


The “Empowered Brain Suite for Autism” also has tools that will help parents calm children down during tantrums. If the accelerometer inside of Google Glass detects that the child wearing the device is about to have a tantrum, then the app suite will provide the caregivers and parents with suggestions on how to calm the child down. A small feature, but one I’m sure many families will appreciate immensely.

With these apps, Brain Power is targeting children with moderate to high-functioning autism. Still, it sounds like they have some interest in expanding the suite and helping kids all across the autism spectrum. 200 people have already signed up for Brain Power’s beta program, which will start next year. After the beta program, the app suite will be made available on a subscription-basis.

Brain Power’s app suite sounds pretty helpful.  What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: Tech Crunch