Destinia’s Hotel Booking Google Glass App

Destinia, an online travel agency, has recently uploaded a Youtube video showing off their new Google Glass application that helps users find and book hotels.


Destinia, with the help of the mobile development company called Glob3Mobile, has created an application called ‘Hotel Near Me’ that will help users book hotels from Google Glass. The application uses GPS to find the hotels that are closest to the user’s position.

Users can browse different hotels by categories and can filter the results by price or rating. When a user chooses a hotel, they are provided with a brief description of the hotel and photos of the hotel. The application also provides directions to the hotel and allows users to make reservations directly from Google Glass. The cool this is, Hotel Near Me users can do all this with voice commands.

Here is a video of the application:

Google Glass is definitely having an effect on tourism. We are getting apps that helps us find hotels and we are getting apps that give us on location notifications. A tourists life is going to get a lot easier as smart glasses become more common and as more programmers develop more apps.

The application is currently in alpha. With that said, you can sign-up to a newsletter and get notified when the application hits beta.

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