Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority Using Google Glass to Detect Faults at Power Stations

As most of you know, even though Google Glass is in open beta the device doesn’t ship everywhere. Really, the only people who can officially participate in the Explorer program and get Google Glass are residents of the US and UK. Despite the Explorer program being closed off to different areas, Google Glass has spread all across the globe. Countries and cities that Google Glass doesn’t ship to have an occasional Google Glass trial announcement or a news headline originating from them, which is pretty darn awesome.

United Arab Emirates is one of the places that Google Glass doesn’t officially ship to. Despite Google Glass not shipping to the United Arab Emirates, some interesting news has come from this area. Dubai, a city in the UAE, was one of the first cities to have law enforcement test Google Glass. Google Glass is also sold at a mall in Dubai, which is pretty weird.


Today, a new Google Glass related story came from Dubai. Apparently, Dubai not only wants to be considered one of the first cities to give law enforcement Google Glass, but also one of the first cities to use Google Glass for utility management. Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority are using Google Glass to detect faults at power stations.

Some of the technicians at Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority have been equipped with Google Glass and an app that was created in-house. The app helps technicians detect faults and allows them to easily send notifications about the faults to the Enterprise Resource Planning System. Basically, the app helps automate some procedures and helps get things done faster.

I haven’t heard of Google Glass being used like this before, so I believe Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority is the first to use Google Glass this way. Right now, the device is being used for small things, but I imagine they’ll continue to expand their app and create new things to make technicians jobs slightly easier.

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Source: The National UAE