DVF Shades and Frames Now Available On Google Play Store

For a little while, United States residents could purchase Google Glass through its own little dedicated shop and via the Google Play Store. Well, over a month ago, the dedicated online store for Google Glass disappeared, leaving the Google Play Store as the main place to go to get Google Glass.

Google Glass and most of its accessories could be purchased directly from the Google Play Store. The only exception was the DVF frames and shades. For whatever reason, they were not added to the Google Play Store during the transition from the dedicated shop.


Well, we got some good news. Yesterday, Reddit user Illiuminatum pointed out that the DVF shades and frames have been added to the Google Play Store. And, they have been. On the Google Play Store you are now able to purchase the shades and frames from the DVF collection. The DVF frames are being sold at $225 a pop and the shades are being sold at a $120 a pop.

Sadly, the free shades or frames deal still does not apply to the frames or shades from the DVF collection.

Add any frame or shade to your cart and the cost will be free when you check out (offer excludes Diane von Furstenberg frames and shades).

With that being said, it’s good to see the DVF frames and shades finally make it to the Google Play Store. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the DVF collection’s shades or frames, then click right here.