Explorers Got Scroogled: Google Glass Only Costs $80 to Build

As a Bing user, I couldn’t help but take advantage of Microsoft’s / Bing’s terrible ad campaign slogan. So, yeah … I apologize for the cheesy title.

Anyway, a bit of controversy has arisen in the past twenty-four hours and, of course, it involves Google Glass. Explorers have always known that they are paying a premium price to get Google Glass. Testing a device throughout its development is fun, so a lot of people are willing to pay the premium price to get Google Glass. But, Explorer’s never realized how much of a premium they were paying until the device was recently torn down.

According to a recent tear down, the device that is sold to Explorers at $1500, only costs about $80 to build.  TearDown.com created a list of all the components and their price. Here is that list:


The lowest priced component on the list is the battery, which costs an incredibly low $1.14. The highest priced component inside Google Glass is the processor, which costs about $14.

As you can imagine, some people are upset that Google is charging so much for a device that costs so little to make, and that’s understandable. Still, you have to take a minute and think that there is a huge list of reasons why Google is charging so much for Google Glass.


The main reason is that they obviously want money. But, you have to also take into account that they have to pay for lawyers (trademarking, etc), pay for PR, free pairs, replacements, research, etc. Also, at the end of the day, people are happily paying the $1500 and Google is not going to just stop accepting that money.

Really though, the best way to look at this tear down / situation is that the device will definitely be a lot cheaper upon release.

How do you feel about this whole situation? Are you upset that Google Glass is selling an $80 device for $1500? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: Teardown.com