Facial Recognition App NameTag Receives Cease And Desist From Facebook

In the past year or so, we’ve seen a couple of facial recognition and other recognition apps come to Google Glass. Out of the few recognition apps that have been developed for Google Glass, NameTag has to be the most well-known and most criticized of them all.


NameTag was the first facial recognition app to be developed for Google Glass. The app can detect faces, take pictures of faces, and compare them to millions of public pictures to identify people’s names and social media profiles.

As you can probably imagine, every online news site hopped on the hate train, threw every piece of negativity they had at the company developing it (Facial Network, Inc.) and raised privacy issues that really no one should be concerned about. Despite NameTag getting a lot of criticism, Facial Network has continued to work on the project.

Yesterday, Facial Network, Inc. released a video demonstrating NameTag v2.0 and a press release. In the video and press release, Facial Network talks about how the new version of their application can identify faces of people 5 times faster than the original app. Identifying people with NameTag v2.0 only takes a couple of seconds. With the original version of the NameTag app, it took 10 or more seconds to identify someone in a photo.

In the press release, it’s also mentioned that Facial Network has partnered with SalesForce.com to create something called HospitalityID, a facial recognition application for wearable devices for use in hotels and airlines.

So, behind the scenes Facial Network has been doing what most companies do. They’ve been working on improving their product NameTag and they’ve been creating partnerships. Pretty average stuff. But, while NameTag has been kind of keeping to themselves and working on their stuff, they have once again found themselves in another sticky situation.

This time NameTag isn’t facing the wrath of the public and the media. Rather, this time NameTag has gotten themselves in a sticky situation with the largest social network, Facebook. In the press release, Facial Network mentions that Facebook sent them a cease and desist letter that claims NameTag violates Facebook’s terms of service. The cease and desist letter arrived days after Facebook shut down Facial Network’s access to “Facebook Login”, which NameTag used to verify peoples identities so that they can opt-out of the application.

Facial Network claims that they have not violated Facebook’s terms of service, and that Facebook is just trying to slow them down. Facebook has its own facial recognition division, so there is the possibility that Facebook wants to slow down NameTag’s progress. Plus, big companies are pretty much known to use legal action to slow the progress of another company down.

So far, NameTag has had a pretty rough life. It’s been demonized by most of the public and the media. And, now it is facing some pressure from big old Facebook. It’s going to be interesting to see if NameTag ever actually turns into an application that is accepted by everyone. With all the negativity surrounding the app and now the pressure from Facebook, it’s going to be interesting to see if more than a few people will take advantage of it or even touch it.

Besides a new version of NameTag, the new partnership, and the “trouble” with Facebook. NameTag also mentions their new Facial Recognition Enterprise App Suite that allows companies and developers to use facial recognition in their apps on wearables and other mobile devices.

If you would like to read the press release yourself, then click right here. So, what do you think about this? What do you think about NameTag? Is facial recognition on Google Glass something that concerns you? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section down below!