Find Parking Spots with the Google Glass App CitySpot

Everyone knows that looking for a parking spot is one of the funnest things about driving… right? Wrong. Being unable to find a parking spot is one of the most frustrating and annoying things about driving. Forget about the bad drivers, high gas prices and insurance costs; having to circle around multiple blocks to find a parking spot can make a person go mad.


Luckily for Explorers, a group of developers are trying to solve the age old problem of being unable to find a parking spot and they have created an app for Google Glass that will assist Explorers in finding an empty space where they can park their vehicle.


Yesterday, an app called Cityspot was added to the official glassware directory. Cityspot is an application that quickly helps users find a spot to park their vehicle. When the application is first started, it grabs the gps location of the user and identifies nearby parking lots. Once the application has found a nearby parking lot, the user can view the cost of parking in said parking lot and get step-by-step directions to the parking lot. Besides getting directions to the parking lot, a user can also use the app to find their parking spot at a later time.

There is a major downside to this application though. The major downside is that it only works in San Francisco, Toronto, and Ottawa. This means that a good chunk of Explorers will not be able to use it and will continue to struggle with finding parking spots… poor lads.

Still, if you live in San Francisco, Toronto, or Ottawa then definitely give this application a shot. With Cityspot, you shouldn’t struggle as much to find a parking spot and you can park like a boss all day long.


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