French Startup Optinvent Launching Google Glass Rival ORA-S Next Year

Do you think Google Glass does not make the grade? Do you think the small AR screen of it does not scream futuristic? If yes, try thinking and developing a glass with bigger screen as the guys at French startup Optinvent are thinking.

French Startup Optinvent Launching Google Glass Rival ORA-S Next Year

The new company is working on bringing up ORA-S, a pair of augmented reality glasses. Initially labeled as rival of Google Glass, the new gadget sports a bigger screen compared to the tiny venture of the search giant. Its screen is three times larger than the Google Glass.

Report says the screen of ORA-S is brighter too with higher resolution and it is placed in the field of view of user. The screen even moves to the side when user don’t need it.

In the above image it is seen the tiny screen is connected to a module. It is reported this will disappear when the gadget hits the shelves as a movable hunk type of hardware will look awkward.

The ORA-S Google Glass rival will debut next year and the manufacturer promises it will be half the thickness of the current version. The current model is a developer version and it is priced tagged at $300. It is not known at what price the gadget will be sold when it is launched commercially.

Well, it is also reported Samsung, Apple and Microsoft too are coming up with their own versions of tiny eyewear computing gadget. The year 2014 will be a bit competitive for the wearable technology as smartwatches have also hit the stores and more versions are coming next year.