Games for Google Glass

Google Glass isn’t a device that can completely replace a console, a computer or even a phone. Still, when you’re on a train, waiting at the DMV, or just bored at home it can be a nice little gaming device. There isn’t a massive amount of games for Google Glass out there, but there are a few that I think you all will find interesting.

Today, I’m going to go over some of the games that I recommend you to install and play. Keep in mind, these games aren’t packing amazing graphics or anything like that. They’re just games for you to play when you’re bored. So, how about we begin?

Mini Games


Mini Games is an app (or game collection) that is available in the official glassware directory. Each of the games within the Mini Games app take advantage of the sensors that Google Glass has. There are a total of five mini games and they are:

Tennis – In this tennis game, you use head motions to serve a ball and continue to use head motions to keep the ball in play for as long as possible.

Balance – This game requires you to shift your head to keep books on top of the character’s head.

Clay Shooter – You say “pull” to launch a pigeon in the air and the goal is to shoot it by tapping the touch pad.

Matcher – This game is all about memory. The goal is to match up objects. You just move your head around to hover over cards and select them.

Shape Splitter – This is like fruit ninja for Google Glass, but less fruity and more shapey. When you play the game, you simply move your hand in a slicing motion in front of the camera to split an object and earn points.



If you’re good with words then you will most likely love this game. The game is pretty simple to play. It’s just a word scramble game with a bunch of different backgrounds. You can not only solve word puzzles yourself, but you can also create them for friends to try and beat. It’s a fun game, but not one you will want to play every day. Definitely worth an install though.



I did a story on this game yesterday. It’s a Flappy Bird clone where you blink to control the bird. The goal is to dodge pipes and to fly past as many pipes as you can without failing to earn points. If you don’t like the idea of constantly blinking to keep the bird in the air, then you can change the settings to use the touchpad instead. It’s a fun game to play occasionally, but as you can probably imagine it gets frustrating and boring pretty quick.

Zombies, Run!


Now, let me start off by saying this is a game that you will only play if you are at home and absolutely bored. Why do I say this? Well, it’s a running game. Zombies, Run! is a story based, zombie adventure game that requires you to run to progress. The story is read aloud to you as you run, so there’s no need to concentrate on anything but running. If you’re bored and want to exercise, then I recommend you give this game a shot.



Ping is a ping pong game for Google Glass that was built using the GDK. In Ping, you battle against your own device to win. Controls are pretty simple where all you have to do is tilt your head up and down to control your paddle. It’s a pretty fun game, but pretty awkward to play in public.

Little Bandits


Little Bandits is a game where you create a little character, give it a name, and then duel with other people. It’s a turn based game where you use head gestures to select different movements and actions. The goal of the game is to basically keep shooting at your opponent until you win. Pretty fun stuff.


So, those are some of the games for Google Glass that I recommend you to check out. Like I said before, these games aren’t going to replace your console or anything like that, but when you’re bored and have nothing to do, then they’re pretty fun. Even if you don’t play them all the time, they are still worth installing for those rare moments of boredom.

So, what are some games for Google Glass that you recommend? Share them with everyone in the comments section down below!