GazerG Delayed Once Again Because of Multiple Problems

It’s been a little while since we last heard from GazerG, a company creating an external battery for Google Glass. The last time we heard from them was about three months ago when they announced that they had to delay shipping because they were having some PCB board problems. Well, this week GazerG posted an October update and it brings some more bad news. Basically, once again, GazerG is being delayed.

In GazerG’s latest blog post they talk about a number of mess-ups and challenges they have to recover from and that they basically have to redesign the whole battery before they can deliver their product. Apparently some components were installed backwards, they couldn’t find an engineer who could do the job, there were mistakes in their code, some parts were problematic and a whole bunch of other stuff.


In their blog post, they also talk about how they are going to build 5 – 10 new samples in Moscow as soon as they can. Hopefully these samples work, because so far GazerG hasn’t been able to deliver on most of their promises.

GazerG seemed like a promising product when it was first announced, but due to battery life changes, legal issues, and constant delays the product doesn’t seem that promising anymore. I’m sure people are losing interest in the product due to the constant delays. The device was supposed to be ready in March, and now it’s October; that’s seven months that have passed by.

If you would like to check out GazerG’s October Update, then click right here. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!