GAZERGlass Announces Changes: No Longer Will Triple Battery Life

New GAZERGlass battery

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Google Glass has terrible battery life, and that’s why there are multiple companies creating external battery accessories for the device. GAZERGlass is one of the companies creating an external battery for Google Glass. Their extended battery was going to nearly triple Google Glass, from what they said in their original announcement, but according to a recent update GAZERGlass will not be offering nearly that much of an extension to the device’s battery life.

The accessory is currently being manufactured in China under the close eye of the production team. Well, while the production team was monitoring the process, they decided that they needed to make the battery slimmer and more lightweight so that it would be more comfortable to use. Well, creating a slimmer more lightweight battery comes with a cost. Due to the battery changes, GAZERGlass will lose half of its power capacity.

In order to make our battery slim and less in its weight we had to reduce the capacity from its original forecasted 1500mAh as we announced on our website to 750mAh. That made GAZERglass to fit more comfortable and reduced its weight in 4 times – less than 1 once (roughly 25 grams). And it still gives a lot of extra power to original Google Glass battery life as we promised!

Battery capacity isn’t the only thing affected by this change. Since the company made these changes, the manufacturing process will also be set back three to four weeks. This means GAZERGlass will not start shipping until the end of April, instead of this month.

Despite the changes in related to the battery, you will still be able to use your headphones with GAZERGlass. Still, many people who preordered GAZERGlass are probably disappointed that they aren’t going to be delivered what they were advertised. Unfortunately, there was no mention of possible refunds.

Did you preorder GAZERGlass? Are you mad about these changes? Are you going to try to get a refund?