GazerGlass Is Now GazerG

A few weeks ago, GazerGlass let everyone know that they were in the process of renaming their product, because it was in violation of Google’s pending trademark of Glass. Well, they finally announced their new name and it is GazerG. They have a new trademark application pending, have finished the packaging (re)design and have setup.


Included in the new name announcement was a picture of the GazerG battery and its packaging from the manufacturer. They say this is pretty much what the final product is going to look like when it is delivered. Also, since the battery had to rebrand and had to spend time doing all these changes, they had to push the delivery of pre-ordered batteries back to June.


The weirdest part of this update is them adding some “juice to the update”. In the post, they included a picture of all prototypes of GazerG. They point out, “you might notice that the final release not only slimmer and lighter but smaller too.” Well, of course, it is going to be slimmer when you go from 1500mAh to 750mAh. If you don’t remember, GazerG (GazerGlass) was supposed to originally triple the battery life of Google Glass, but they pretty much chopped that in half to make it more lightweight.

Really, it’s good to hear that the little Google and GazerGlass “battle” is over. Hopefully, GazerG will not run into any more troubles that will push their delivery back further.

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Source: GazerG