Glashion App Launched For Google Glass To Bridge Online, Offline Shopping

Glashion has added one more app to the Google Glass eyewear computing gadget. The fashion startup now allows the glass wearer to buy fashion items too directly from the app.


How the Glashion app works?

First download the Glashion app on your Google Glass and then snap a photo of any fashion item that you come across in a store while toddling in malls or shopping arcades. The app then queries for similar matches to the ShopStyle API. Next, tell the gadget – “Ok glass, I want this!”

The app will immediately show similar product results and you just need to either tap to buy the product or swipe to see some more matching products. Also, the app facilitates finding a store close to your current location for the matching product.

Who created Glashion app

AngelHack NYC organizer and startup founder Billy Mauro and Mexican entrepreneur Felipe Servin created the Glashion app. Mauro also runs Instashop marketplace for the products which are discovered on Instagram. Servin on the other hand is the founder of ecommerce marketplace for shoes, Calzaclick.

What the founder says about Glashion app

Mauro said the new app will be able to bridge online and offline shopping behaviors of shoppers. Taking photo of any product with smartphone may seem intrusive, but with Google Glass it will avoid such awkwardness.

To be very practical, the Glashion app will be a revolutionary step in the world of shopping, bridging online marketplace with offline shops. Isn’t it? Do give a thought, and also what more can be developed for the Google Glass.