‘Glass At Work’ Program Has 5 New Partners

Glass at work

Yesterday, Google announced that they have added five new partners to their ‘Glass at Work’ program. The ‘Glass at Work’ program is Google’s way of getting Google Glass into the workplace by connecting businesses with developers. The program was first launched back in April and received it’s first partners in June. The program’s first partners include:

  • APX – A company known for its software platform Skylight. The company is also known for creating business software for Google Glass.
  • Augmedix – A company that focuses on creating tools and software for Google Glass that helps reduce doctors workloads.
  • CrowdOptic – CrowdOptic focuses on creating software for Google Glass and using it for broadcasting. CrowdOptic is mostly known for helping NBA teams stream to jumbotrons.
  • GuidiGO – GuidiGO is known for it’s mobile tours and aims to connect people with art and culture.
  • Wearable Intelligence – Wearable Intelligence creates software for pretty much any industry. Energy, manufacturing, healthcare, workflow, communications, training … they make software for it all.

The new batch of partners are just as interesting as the ones above. The new batch includes companies that focus on creating applications for variety of different things. The five new partners that were added yesterday include:

  • Augmate – A company that focuses on making deskless jobs a bit easier with software solutions.
  • Advanced Medical Applications – Advanced Medical Applications specializes in the medical field and is using Google Glass to remotely connect doctors and patients from around the world with one another.
  • Pristine – Pristine created a secure video platform for Google Glass called EyeSight. EyeSight is used by healthcare providers and a few large enterprises. Pristine’s main goal seems to be to bring secure and reliable first person streaming to healthcare providers and other companies.
  • Interapt – Interapt creates applications and platforms to help companies with customer engagement among other things.
  • Ubimax – Ubimax focuses on creating Google Glass solutions for all sorts of different markets including order picking, manufacturing, quality assurance, healthcare and more. The company offers custom development solutions and standard app solutions as well.

With the new partners, the ‘Glass at Work’ program now has a total of ten partners. As time goes on, more and more businesses are experimenting with Google Glass. The additional partners should hopefully get more enterprises and businesses involved with Google Glass.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on these new partners? What are your thoughts on the ‘Glass at work’ program? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!