Glassware Directory Received a Design Change

If you haven’t visited the Glassware directory lately, then you probably haven’t noticed this BIG design change.

If you head over to the Glassware directory, you will notice that Google Glass apps (Glassware) now have dedicated landing pages with images and unique URLs.  If you take a look below, you will notice the new landing page for the Facebook Google Glass App (Glassware).


You can visit the Facebook glassware via this unique url: As you can see above, the new layout is big and mostly based on images. You have a HQ image as the background, a short description, off / on switch, and some navigation links on the right. It’s a simple, yet very well laid out design.

I really like the new Google Glass Apps (Glassware) landing pages. Some people say the new landing pages are too big, but they’re not too big and they’re definitely not Godzilla sized. The new directory design really reminds me of Google+, mostly because of the big images, and it was probably meant to do so. The new design is definitely better than the old pop-up layout that Google was using, and I’m sure most Explorers will love this change.

How about you? Do you like this new glassware directory design? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: Glass Almanac