Google Denies Glass Health Risks

If you haven’t heard already, another early adopter of Google Glass™ , Chris Barrett, has abandoned the device. You have most likely heard of Chris Barrett because he was the first person to capture an arrest on Google Glass. Anyway, he has apparently abandoned the device because it gave him pounding headaches after usage.

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Chris Barrett told CNET:

The first headache came during the first week of wearing Glass. I was wearing Glass every day, all day long; I would wear it to Starbucks; I would wear it to the mall; I would wear it driving, and I would wear it at my office. There wasn’t a minute I didn’t have it on. By the second day wearing Glass, I was Googling everything I could, impressed with the novelty, demonstrating for friends, taking photos/videos. After a few hours of use, my head started to pound. I don’t usually get headaches. I thought maybe I was just tired, so I decided to sleep it off.

That wasn’t the only occasion that Barrett got a headache from using the device. Four to five weeks later, a period of time where Barrett was wearing Google Glass for up to eight hours a day, he experienced another crippling headache that forced him to stop what he was doing and to go to sleep.

Google has responded to these claims about headaches saying that their device is safe for usage. A Google spokesperson said:

Of course health and safety are extremely important to the Glass team, and we’ve been working with eye care professionals from the very beginning to ensure that the device is safe for use. In our help center, we do encourage new Explorers to ease into Glass, just as they would a new pair of glasses.

While Glass might be the cause of the headaches, it is quite possible that it is not the cause as well. As many Glass Explorers have pointed out, there are a number of factors that can cause someone to have a headache. Glass might be the cause, but things like stress, diet, lack of sleep and many other things can be the cause of headaches as well.

With that said, according to the article on CNET, there have been many other Explorers who have experienced the pain in the Glass headaches. It’s quite possible that the device could cause eyestrain, or the screen could cause some problems which could lead to a headache – but that’s about it.

I don’t think that Google Glass is trying to put a device out there that can cause headaches on purpose, but I think that it is fair to assume that they would not openly admit to their device causing headaches. I mean, the device has enough bad press surrounding it already.

Who really knows if there are health concerns that come with the device though. Smart Glasses are a new technology in general, so it will be a while before we can tell if health problems can actually arise from such devices. For right now though, this is just the experience of one Google Glass Explorer.

Have you ever gotten a headache while using Google Glass? Do you think that it is possible for Google Glass to cause headaches in people? Please leave your response in the comment section down below!

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