Google Glass App Allows Fans to See Hockey Fights in Real-time

Okay, the app isn’t designed just to allow fans to see real-time fights, it’s designed to provide all sorts of highlits and to improve the hockey fan experience altogether.


Washington Capitals’ new Skybox app is designed to provide fans with near-real-time highlights. The highlights bypass NHL’s video platform so that Google Glass wearers, who are using the app, can view the videos within minutes; creating a unique on site experience. Washington Captials has currently been giving about 25 fans Google Glass per game, to demo the skybox app in a live environment and to get feedback.

Some of the benefits of the Washington Capitals’ Skybox app is that it will allow fans to be able to see the important parts of a game while they are at concession stands and it can help spectators, who are out of the line of sight, to still see what’s going on.

“Fans in the 400 section lose out because they can’t see the other end line. They may not have gotten a good look at a goal. But with Skybox, we can queue four or five different angles and play that back, and for the fan who’s on ringside, you have to strain your neck to see what’s on the Jumbotron, which is right in the middle of the arena. But being to able to have your own personalized, head-up Jumbotron that’s accessible whenever you want, that’s really compelling.” said Kim, APX Lab’s Chief Technology Officer. APX labs is a development company.

Kim also stated that there is no need to worry about the device being accepted among the less tech-enthusiastic people because Google Glass actually helps improve everyone’s experience.

“Because we’re positioning Glass as technology that enhances your fan experience rather than a ubiquitous device that you constantly wear all the time, it ends up becoming just another tool you use to do something better,” Kim said. “In that regard, in sports, the stigma associated with Glass is lessened.”

Not only will the app provide fans with highlights, but fans will also be able to view stats and players profiles using the Skybox app.

Pretty cool for those people who are hockey fans. Google Glass definitely seems to be a pretty big hit among sports players and fans as of late.

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Source: TechHive