Google Glass Apps That Everyone Can Enjoy

There is a decent amount of Google Glass apps (Glassware) out there right now. Some of them are buggy, but there are a lot of functioning apps out there. There’s practically an app in every category now, but some of the apps are more useful than others. Today, I decided I would compile a short list of apps that everyone will find fun, or useful and may even find themselves using them everyday.


Anyway, here are some apps that Explorers should consider trying out if they haven’t already given them a go. I hope you enjoy!

Google Glass Master Controls

This is a pretty amazing app, and it’s crazy how many Explorers don’t know about it. Google Glass Master Controls helps you control Google Glass in ways you can’t by default. With Google Glass master controls, you can view your battery percentage, change volume levels, change brightness levels, and all kinds of other cool stuff with voice commands.

It’s a very useful app that you should install right now if you have the time. You can find out more information about it, and download it here.


Unless you’re a legit chef, then you probably rely on recipes and cooking guides from time to time. Well, with the help of SousChef, you can view recipes and directions right on the Google Glass display. SousChef will guide you through the entire process of cooking a selected meal. This is a very helpful app, because you no longer will have to huddle over a laptop or cookbook to make a good meal. It prevents back pains, and having to walk across the kitchen to confirm an ingredient or step. It’s just a useful app in general.


Map2Glass is a service that allows you to send directions from your computer or mobile device to your Google Glass. The usefulness of this “app” really doesn’t need to be explained, but I’ll explain it anyway. Voice commands, and the voice recognition on Google Glass is pretty good, but sometimes you just don’t feel like using it or you are in an environment where it will be hard to use voice commands. This is where this app comes in. You can enter the directions, and they’ll be sent your Google Glass, so you don’t have to waste time talking to your device. Pretty awesome!

Word of the Day

Everyone who has this app installed loves it. If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, or like the idea of getting a word delivered to your Google Glass everyday, then give this application an install. Each day you will receive a vocabulary word, its pronunciation and its definition on Google Glass. It’s a cool little educational app that is definitely worth the install!

Field Trip for Google Glass

Field Trip is an application that can help you learn a lot about the city you live in, or the city you are about to go to. The application can teach everything from local history to the best places to eat and have fun. It’s just a fun little application that you can install and learn something new from. You probably will not use it everyday, but it’s definitely an application you’ll find yourself using when you’re bored.

Well, those are some application that I think everyone can enjoy. If you don’t have any of the apps above installed, then I suggest spending some time installing them and checking them out. They truly are cool apps and deserve some attention and appreciation.

So, what apps do you enjoy using? Share them with us in the comments section down below!