Google Glass Apps that Make Driving Safer

Several researchers have done studies to test if Google Glass is safer to use while driving compared to your average smart phone. The studies have concluded that Google Glass is slightly safer to use while driving, but even though the results of the studies show that Google Glass is safer to use, the debate of whether or not Google Glass is a safe device to use while driving is still on-going thing.

Google Glass Safe Driving

Despite the uproar against Google Glass and driving, the Google Glass community still enjoys their device behind the wheel and a few developers have even made apps that help make driving a safer and better experience. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about these apps so we thought we would share them.

Voidstar AutoHud

If you don’t mind buying a $15 little OBD-to-Bluetooth adapter and tinkering around inside your hood, then definitely check out this app. Once you’ve installed the adapter and setup the app, you can view your cars speed, tachometer, fuel, and MPG right on your Google Glass display.

Glassware Speedometer

A simple application that displays the speed at which you’re driving. Know your speed without having to constantly look down at your dash.


DriveSafe is a Google Glass application that uses the device’s sensors and alerts you when it thinks you are falling asleep. Besides possibly saving your life and other people’s lives by preventing you from falling asleep, the application can also direct you to nearest rest area so you can fall asleep safely.

INRIX Traffic App

This application doesn’t really help in the safety department, but it can definitely help you avoid areas that are congested, and avoid areas where accidents / incidents occurred on the road. It’s a driving app worth checking out if you constantly find yourself being late to places because of the terrible drivers you’re surrounded by.

Hyundai App

If you own a Hyundai 2015 Genesis and Google Google, then you’re in luck. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis has a Google Glass app that allows you to lock / unlock doors, call roadside assistance and more. Just a handy app in general if you own a 2015 Genesis.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself speeding most of the time you’re driving, then you should really consider getting the Voidstar AutoHud app or the Glassware Speedometer to break that habit – prevent yourself from getting tickets and prevent possible accidents. Early bird drivers and people who drive late at night should go ahead and slap DriveSafe on their Google Glass. You might not need it right now, but it will come in handy in the future.

So, how do you feel about the usage of Google Glass behind the wheel? Do you use your device behind the wheel? Also, are you going to give any of these apps an install? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!