My experiences using Google Glass at high school

Using Google’s Glass technology in high school is not as glamorous as it may seem. However, there are some great core features that Glass unlocks in the classroom. That is if your teacher allows Glass in the first place. In my experiences thus far Glass has become a fantastic utility in the classroom if applied correctly.

When I bring Google Glass to my high school things around me start to change. Eyes flutter my way, heads crane, and even voices murmur “Is that Google Glass?”. That wears off after a little while however at a school with over 2000 students I will always find new faces looking at Glass.


I feel very fortunate to have teachers that fully embrace Glass and the ideas behind it. That being said there will always be the students and administration that disapprove, mainly because of the privacy concerns.


While in the actual classroom I use Glass as a complement to the traditional pen and paper style note taking as well as in tandem with digital notes. My contact lenses significantly improve my eyesight however I have found that the Magnify Glassware on Glass works wonders for reading the whiteboard from a distance. It helps to efficiently finish those notes with ease.

To help learn a foreign language I use Duolingo and Word Lens to help translate between languages. Duolingo also helps with retaining quick tidbits of a new language to integrate into my life.

The biggest advantage to using Glass in the classroom is definitely the Android Wear notifications that was recently added to the platform. Being able to receive notifications directly in front of my eye with information from school specific apps is very useful.

Just imagine you hear the notification chime and you are alerted of a schedule change or an assignment deadline reminder without even glancing at a phone. It simplifies the classroom experience while still keeping you engaged with the material at hand.