How Google Glass Can Be Used in Education

Google Glass has many everyday uses and has helped many people with different tasks. Google Glass can do the same thing in a classroom environment. With Google Glass, teachers can bring a new layer of help and fun to the classroom. Google Glass can help the students learn and help teachers well … teach. So, how exactly could Google Glass be used in education?

Google Glass

Awesome Field Trips

Let’s face it. Most kids only go on field trips because it gets them out of the classroom. I can’t even tell you how many times I went on a field trip just to get out of class. Still, the field trip usually wasn’t much better than being in class and I was usually was just flat out bored by the instructors spitting out uninteresting facts. But what if facts or figures were displayed via augmented reality?

This would allow students to explore museums, history and other things in their own way. Instead of listening to someone spit off mindless facts, students can interact with their environment and come back with an experience as well as some knowledge.


For most people, it’s extremely hard to learn a new language. For some, it can even take years to just learn the most basic sentences and phrases. Well, with Google Glass learning a new language might be be a little bit easier. There are already a few apps that allow you to translate things in real-time. This can help students to check their sentences in real-time and also help them study for an upcoming quiz.

Cross Referencing

With Google Glass teachers can search in real-time to see if a students presentation information is correct or check out a source listed on a student’s paper.

Shy Students

Every classroom has students who don’t want to ask the teacher for help aloud. With Google Glass, these students can send questions to the teacher via email. This would allow students to get the help they need in class and cut down the amount of students who struggle to stay ahead. Plus, it might cut down the time teachers spend helping students after class.

See What Students are Doing

Students are often sent into groups to help each other, but as we all know there’s usually a group or two who doesn’t get anything accomplished. Google Glass could help teachers keep an eye on what students are doing and make sure they are getting their stuff done. It could also be used to send a personal message to a student telling them to get back to working without interrupting the whole class.

Class Moments

Schools and teachers usually love to put up pictures of students enjoying themselves in class. Google Glass will just make that a ton easier with both students and teachers being able to snap a quick photo of a science experiment or a group project.


Those are some of the ways that I think that Google Glass can be used in education. There’s a lot of surprises and things to come in the future with Google Glass. Who knows how it will really effect education or everyone else once it’s readily available for purchase. Anyway, how do you think Google Glass can be used in education?