Google Glass Euronews App Launched

Along with The New York Times, ABC News, Reuters and CNN the Euronews too has joined era of future technology. It has invaded Google Glass.

Google Glass Euronews App Launched

Announcing the release of Euronews Google Glass app last month CEO Michael Peters said they are the only European media on the tiny eyewear computing gadget of the search giant.

The Euronews media is made available on Google Glass in partnership with the start-up Watchup. The euronews on Watchup is presented along with the ABC News, Reuters, NYT and CNN. It is available in English and in both formats, text as well as videos.

Peters also said the Lyons based news channel will also be launching a new B2B service. It will be dubbed as Euronews Network. It will be offering broadcasters and other media companies with several products such as live feed.

Peters added, “Innovation is at the heart of our strategy, as it is necessary to survive.” He claimed the Euronews channel is successful in its multimedia strategy.

YouTube channels of Euronews attract high traffic. Its twenty channels have half million subscribers. It is also the third largest news source on the platform. The Euronews websites also attract huge traffic. The company claims of 7.5 unique browsers a month.

It is expected the Euronews app for Google Glass will also attract more subscribers after the tiny gadget is launched next year.