Google Glass Explorer Program to End on January 19th


On Thursday, via a post on Google+, Google Glass announced that they will no longer be running the Explorer program. Starting January 19th, the Google Glass Explorer edition will no longer be available for purchase.

While the closing of the Explorer program might sound like bad news, The closing of the Explorer program isn’t all that bad of news at all. The post on the G+ page for Google Glass claims that they are only closing the Explorer program because they are “graduating from Google[x]” and so that they can focus on “what’s coming next”.

You’re probably wondering what they mean by “graduating from Google[x]”. Well, apparently they have out grown the Google[x] labs and are becoming more of an official team at Google. The Google Glass team will still be managed by Ivy Ross, but both the team and Ivy Ross will be reporting to Tony Fadell, the chief executive of Nest.

So really, while this announcement might sound scary at first, it’s actually a good thing. The Google Glass team is movin’ on up and it sounds like Google Glass is on its way to becoming official.

Here is the full G+ post from Google Glass:

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