Google Glass Gets 2GB of Ram, No Swapping for Old Explorers

It seems Google Glass has received a hardware upgrade, but Explorers will not be able to swap out their old hardware for the new version of Google Glass.


Google announced yesterday that they have made some hardware improvements to Google Glass. Google stated that Google Glass will now be shipping with two GB of ram instead of one. Also, they mentioned a slightly bigger battery and how they made some software changes in the past few updates (and upcoming update) so that Google Glass will now last 15 percent longer. The version of Google Glass with the battery improvement has been shipping since March. New Explorers are definitely going to appreciate the better battery life. But, what about the ram? You’re probably wondering how that’s going to benefit new Explorers.

According to Product Manager Steve Lee, the ram upgrade “will allow for more Glassware to run in parallel and for each Glassware to start more quickly.” Steve Lee also said “You’ll notice the device generally feels a bit faster and more reliable.”

Sadly, old Explorers will not be seeing any of the benefits that come with the above hardware changes, because they can not swap out their old hardware for the new model that has more ram. The new Google Glass is only being sent out for new orders in the US and UK. Still, if you’re truly interested in getting the extra ram, then you obviously can order a new Google Glass or try to get a replacement because your current Google Glass is broken (wink wink).

With all that being said, while old Explorers will not be able to swap out their old model of Google Glass for the version of Google Glass with more ram; Google is also rolling out a software update, so old Explorers at least got that going for them. The update will include a voice-activated viewfinder that’ll help people capture better photos and it will also include the Google Now cards for remembering your parking spot and for tracking your packages.

For those of you who are interested, here’s the official announcement:

So, what do you guys think about these changes? Are you disappointed that you will not be able to swap? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Via: The Verge