Google Glass Gets 3D Printed Sunshade

A light beam on the Google Glass tells the world the device is on. This is to defend the user does not keep on photographing others without his or her knowledge. But, a hack has been lately come to notice, though not intentionally the developers made it.

Google Glass Gets 3D Printed Sunshade

A PR man Chris Barrett, also a Google Glass explorer, has developed a very fine Google Glass 3D Printed Sunshade as he found a bit trouble in seeing the graphics outside in sunny weather. He created the sunshade with Next Fab Studio. Now he is happy. It is an open-source code.

Well, amid the happiness it is also reported the sunshade obscures the light that tells other people the device is in use. Yes, this time you are free to shoot as much as possible and whatever you like. You can do so from whenever you like and from any angle.

People have accused Barrett, but he is escaping saying the only motivation for him was the poor visibility during the sunny weather.

The 3D printed Sunshade makes Google Glass less noticeable. Even, now less people will ask you what you are wearing as the computing unit remains hidden.

Barrett said, “With any new technology like Glass or a wearable watch with a camera, it’s up to the user to decide how and when he or she will use the camera to record video or take photographs.”

Are you waiting for someone to develop something to work like a missile shield defence and stop you from getting photographed when you are on the street? Do share your own views.