Google Glass Gets a Hard Case

Hard Case

Image Source: Slash Gear

Many people have had problems with right arm snapping on Google Glass, and the pouch that ships with Glass does very little to protect the device. To many people’s surprise, Google has quietly released a hard case with their smart glasses new “Titanium” frames.

The hard case is pretty much what you would expect, and is very rigid. Inside the case you can find a little space for a small screwdriver, which is used to attach the eyepiece. Inside the case you have the same soft, felt-like material that was in the original pouch, and obviously you close the case by zipping it up.

Now, don’t expect this case to protect your device from a bunch of Kimbo slice punches and hulk smashes, because it wont. Also, as far as we know, the hard case will not protect your device from any spills. With that said, the hard case will do a far better job at protecting your device from snappatch than the original pouch does.

Currently, there is no news of Google selling this hard case by itself so you pretty much have to buy the frames if you want to get one. Still, it’s some great news for those people who are getting one of the Titanium frames. Really though, I doubt Google is going to keep the hard case strictly for Titanium buyers, it wouldn’t make sense for them to do that. I say it will only be a week or so before we see the hard case hit the shop for everyone to buy.

What are your thoughts? How long do you think it will be before the hard case is available for purchase separately?