Google Glass Is History. Say Hello To Project Aura, Led By Tony Fadell

google glass aura

Google Glass isn’t exactly the perfect example when it comes to successful products, and the reasons why the production of the prototype was stopped at the beginning of 2015, after the headset was made available for the public a year earlier, are related to its price ($1,500) and the accusation that the users were able to spy with it and record videos of people without their knowledge. Google was forced to back off, but the company didn’t completely forget about this project, continuing it under a different name: Project Aura. Reports say that the person who is in charge of developing the second generation optical head-mounted display is Tony Fadell, who has been a Google employee since 2014, when Nest, the company he had worked for, until it was acquired by Google.

It seems that Google wants to wipe the slate clean by taking down the social media pages dedicated to the Google Glass project. The fans who accessed these sites were greeted by this message: “Thanks for exploring with us. The journey doesn’t end here”. What does this mean? Google is suggesting that this failure must be completely forgotten, but the fans shouldn’t take their mind off this project, because it will be continued under a different form.

Then, we started hearing rumors about Project Aura, which was risen from the ashes of the Google Glass. Reports had a name for us: Tony Fadell, the man who worked on Apple’s iPod and convinced the tech world to give Nest’s thermostat a chance. After Google has purchased Nest in 2014, Fadell was kept and considered a valuable investment. The employer gave him the freedom to use his ideas and revive the failing project and currently, he is developing Project Aura.

Images of the prototype have been leaked in December, 2015, looking more like a “sport” device.

Sources: AndroidHeadlines & Hindustantimes