Google Glass Might Come With A Design Which Would Allow It To Sit On One Side Of The Face

google glass

The first Google Glass was discontinued at the beginning of this year because the wearers were able to take photos or to record videos stealthily, and this didn’t please the people who were filmed without their knowledge. But Google didn’t forget about this project, promising to continue it under a different form. According to the latest rumors, Google has filled a patent for a new type of wearable device which would sit on one side of the person’s face and will have a corrugated shape, like a snake.

Apparently, Google has been working in a glass-like heads-up display, and the patent was filled this week. The arrangement will be fixed to the wearer’s head using a stretchable serpentine band. The “wearable device with submit and outlay structures” will sit on one side of the person’s face and will be adjustable, tractable, and will be nothing like the original Google Glass, which looked like a thin pair of metal glasses which lacked lenses.

Google revived the Glass project in June, renaming it Project Aura. The developers are not just trying to build a successor for the Google Glass, as they’re currently working on three prototypes and one of them is a sport edition with a traditional-looking design. This information wasn’t confirmed by Google, so in the absence of a statement from a company spokesperson, we can’t guarantee you that the rumor is true.

There are some reports saying that the upcoming device will look like a monocle and Google specified that “The band is adjustable such that it can be configured by a user to contact the head of the user at a first location near a temple, a second location along a portion of the user’s ear adjacent the temple, and at a third location along a rear portion of the head of the user”. The display element will be suspended over the eye and the wearer won’t feel uncomfortable when looking through it.

Sources: DailyMail and NSeep.