Google Glass Obstructs Peripheral Vision and Can Create Blind Spots According to Researchers

A group of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) conducted a study with Google Glass and have discovered that the device can obstruct users peripheral vision and can create blind spots, which could affect users daily activities negatively. The study was led by Dr. Tsontcho Ianchulev and had a total of three participants.

Dr. Tsontcho Ianchulev and his colleagues conducted the study by performing visual field tests on three individuals with 20/20 vision while they were wearing Google Glass. For comparison purposes, the researchers also performed visual field tests on the same individuals while they were wearing regular eyewear.  The normal eyewear / eyeglasses had a similar arm width to Google Glass.

Before the Google Glass visual field test, participants were given 60 minutes to adjust to the piece of eyewear they were about to use. And, at the end of the visual field tests, the results from the Google Glass test and the normal eyewear test were compared. The results showed that Google Glass, when compared to the regular glasses, caused participants to experience a clinically meaningful obstruction and loss of vision in the upper right quadrant of their vision.

Besides the visual field tests, the researchers also analyzed 132 photos of people wearing Google Glass. From their analysis, they concluded that the way the device is worn by a good chunk of Explorers puts most of them at risk of developing a blind spot.

The study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association on November 4th and the study results have already been forwarded to Google as well. In the future, the scientists who performed this study hope to expand upon the study. Mostly because they know this study had a very low amount of participants and that it was not conclusive.


While studies related to Google Glass definitely need to be conducted this was a bit silly. Anyone who wears normal glasses or Google Glass could have told you that the eyewear blocks a bit of your vision.

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