Google Glass for Real Estate Agents

While Google Glass is more purposed towards entertainment related things right now, sometime in the future people will be using Glass as a tool to help them with their businesses, and to push their product. There’s not many industries considering Google Glass as an option, mainly because of its current price, but once the price reduces I can see it becoming a lot more popular. One profession where I can see Google Glass being helpful is with real estate agents. How can Google Glass help real estate agents? Well, let me tell you!


Google Glass for Real Estate Agents

Virtual Tour

Google Glass is capable of hosting a hangout, so it would be quite easy to show off the house to remote client with the device. The camera’s quality is definitely good enough to give a possible homebuyer enough of a view to judge whether or not they are interested in the house.

House Information

A possible homebuyer is definitely going to ask some questions if they are interested in the house. A real estate agent should be prepared for most questions, but there are going to be times where a homebuyer is going to ask about something specific that the real estate agent is unsure of. If a real estate agent had Google Glass, then they can use the device as a safety net of sorts to look up information about a house on the fly. Basically, with Google Glass a real estate agent will have all the information they could possibly need without carrying around boring old papers.

Quick Communication

Real estate agents are contacting each other all the time. With that said, real estates are very busy, and really can’t afford to slow down to have a conversation. The cool thing with Google Glass is that they can talk to clients and other real estate agents without having to stop what they are doing.


Showing up to a location just to look at and review a contract is a pain. If real estate agents used Google Glass, then they could review a contract with homebuyer without the homebuyer needing to leave their house. This will save both parties a lot of time by not travelling, and the homebuyer will still be able to ask questions and see the contract for themselves.

Virtual Inspections

Can you imagine how cool it would be if a client could stay at home and see what shape a house is in by looking at a live-stream from the inspectors view.

Easy Photos

Taking pictures is a pretty easy process, but it can be a lot easier if you have Google Glass. With Google Glass, a real estate agent can simply press a button and have a picture snapped and uploaded in no time.

Discreet Notifications

Google Glass provides real estate agents with a way to stay up-to-date with other clients while they are dealing with one. So, for example, a real estate agent could be out with a client, but is waiting for a response from another client at the same time. With Google Glass they are be able to check the response without appearing rude to the client they are with.


Those are some of the ways that I think Google Glass can help real estate agents. Mainly, Google Glass can help reduce the amount of time a real estate agent is spending travelling to seal a deal with a client. I’m sure that real estate agents can find other uses for Google Glass, but those are the only ways I can think of at the moment. Can you think of any ways that Google Glass could help real estate agents?