Google Glass Known as Project Aura – Hiring People From Amazon

google glass

Google Glass is now called “Project Aura” and the manufacturer is already hiring software developers, project managers and engineers from Lab126 (a subsidiary of Amazon that’s known for developing Amazon’s Kindle devices).

Project Aura is led by Ivy Ross, the same person who’ve ran the Glass Project. According to an inside-man, Ross reports to Tony Fadell, the head of Google’s connected home business Nest.

According to the job descriptions that are listed on the LinkedIn business-network website, the team behind the Project Aura is currently working on the next “incarnation” of Glass, but at the same time, the developers are creating a new wearable technology.

Dmitry Svetlov is a software development manager that has joined Aura in August from Lab126. On Svetlov’s LinkedIn profile we can see that he described the project as “Glass and Beyond” and confirmed that the team is creating cool wearable devices.

We remind you that the initial version of the Google Glass was sold for 1500 dollars and it prompted a privacy backlash because the users were able to record videos in public places without others even knowing. Google has stopped selling this device in January 2015 and the executives confirmed that the device was released before it was “ready” for consumers.

However, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, confirmed earlier this year that the company is not giving up on Glass because the wearable technology has a big potential to the market.

Google is also quietly distributing a new version of Glass to companies that work in industries such as energy, manufacturing and health care. A new consumer version of this device will be released in one year (or even more) and the new team that joined “Project Aura” might take the technology to new directions.

What new features do you think that the upcoming Glass version will have? Tell us your opinions about these types of devices!

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