Google Glass Receives An Earbud, As Shown Here

Good news coming from Google. We can start with the good news for those from Explorers program, which now can change their Google Glass device initially with one of the second generation. Once the program goes into action, Explorers will have 60 days to make the switch.


Now we learn that it also has a monaural headset that will be connected to Glass by a cable. The innovative and clean design of Glass gets a little spoiled because we get a device that seems improvised. However, as I said, the accessory is optional. The new headphones complement the integrated loudspeaker.

This week, Google announced that will make Glass compatible with specific lens or lenses prescribed by ophthalmologists for protection against solar radiation. That is good news for those who need daily eyeglasses and will be able to improve their experience thanks to Google Glass device. The company is expanding the Explorers list, so that each Explorer can now invite 3 more people that will have access to the $1500 device.