Google Glass Soon To Help You Type In The Air

Imagine you are typing without touching any keys. Think that the typed letters pop up on the screen which only you can see.

Google Glass Soon To Help You Type In The Air

This is going to be true soon with Google Glass eyewear computing gadget. David Way from the MIT Media Lab is working on making the device recognize gestures like snipping the four fingers mean delete a letter and two-fingered version is for adding a space. In this way a complete gestural input is being worked out with the next-generation of Google Glass.

Way is one of the first in the industry to modify the tiny wearable gadget to recognize gestures. He has strapped a depth camera on the device to interpret 3D gestures and then uses the data to build a personalized model of how he performs certain movements.

In fact the goal of Way is not to build up typing gestures, but is just a way to test what gestures are easy to learn and perform.

Other researchers too are exploring similar concept to the head-mounted gadget. One such is a startup firm 3dim. He started at MIT as a hack of the Glass device. He is currently using infrared light for the gesture technology development. An infrared LED and photodiode sensors are added across the brow of the device. Founder of the company claims this technique will consume less of battery power than a depth camera and also the components come cheap.

Working on hand-tracking at Intel in Toronto, Canada, Shahzad Malik said such gesture technique instrumentation will play key role in enabling several reality apps that is envisioned for Google Glass.