Google Glass Update: XE 20.1 On Its Way

Google Glass is finally getting a new software update, which is nice, because it’s been a month or so since the last one. The new update is XE 20.1 and there’s a few cool things included in this new update.

The last update was XE 19.1, and it brought some connectivity improvements, some small visual changes and some bug fixes. Really, nothing super exciting. Still, while it wasn’t too exciting of an update it seemed to fix a lot of the problems that people were experiencing with Google Glass. So, what new things are included in this new XE 20.1 update? Well, let me tell ya.


With the XE 20.1 update, Explorers can access and reach all of their Google contacts on Google Glass. 20 of the most recently contacted people can be reached using voice commands, and the other contacts can be accessed and reached by swiping. Besides that, the new update allows Explorers to choose which way they want to contact someone. When an Explorer taps on a contact, they will get the options to contact them via SMS, email, or hangouts.

Head Nudge

The XE 20.1 update also brings a new settings option. In the settings bundle, Explorers will see a new card that can be used to toggle the head nudge feature on or off. The head nudge feature is off by default, so if you want to be able to turn off the Google Glass display with a head nudge, then you’ll need to find this card and toggle it on once you get the update.

Google Now

Besides the new contact features and the head nudge settings card, the update also brings some new Google Now stuff for Google Glass. With the update and Google Now, Explorers will be able to find nearby concerts and festivals. A new currency converter card is also included.


The last thing Explorers are getting from this update is new voice actions. With XE 20.1, Explorers can end a call by saying “End this call”, mute their microphone by saying “Mute my microphone”, change their volume by saying “change the volume”, play a video by saying “Play video”, and make a vignette by saying “make a vignette”. Explorers, with the XE 20.1 update, can also delete different media by saying “Delete this”.

Those are all of the things that are included in the XE 20.1 update. Explorers are getting some new features related to contacts, a head nudge toggle card in the settings bundle, some new Google Now stuff, and a bunch of new voice actions. That’s a lot of new things for a single update.

Overall, I’d say that this is a pretty good update. It took a while for it to get here, but it’s an update that seems like it was well worth the wait. XE 19.1 fixed a lot of issues, and I don’t expect this update to bring any major issues. Well, hopefully it doesn’t. But yeah, Google Glass is just getting better and better.

The only disappointing thing about this update is that it’s going to take up to a week for it to become available for everyone. Besides that, a good update overall.

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