Google Glass is Being Used to Help Stroke Victims

Memorial Hermann, a not-for-profit hospital system in Houston, is currently researching Google Glass and participating in a project that will hopefully result in stroke victims getting treatment faster.

The usage of Google Glass is part of a project called the “stroke mobile unit”. The Stroke Mobile Unit project is a combined effort between doctors at the hospital and EMTs to diagnose and treat patients as soon as the EMTs arrive on the scene.


In the project, Google Glass is being used to send and share important information between EMTs and doctors. EMTs participating in the project are equipped with special mini CT scanners that are used to scan patients for bloodclots, the cause of strokes. During interactions with possible stroke victims, Google Glass is used by the EMTs to share their discoveries with doctors so a course of action can be taken immediately if a clot is discovered.

The hospital plans on running the research project for three years. The goal of the project is to gather up enough data to prove that the project and Google Glass can help patients, so that they can get a reimbursement from the federal government.

Definitely an interesting project and I cannot wait to see the results. What are your thoughts on this project? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Via: HIT Consultant Media