Google Glass used in Italian Operating Room

According to Telecompaper, Google Glass has officially been used for the first time in an Italian operating room.


A surgeon giving the course in Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology was able to use Google Glass to give students a view that wasn’t readily available in the past.

“The possibility of sharing the point of view of the surgeon performing a delicate operation, of lingering on the movements of his hands and observing what is around him in the room, brings an important advantage when teaching and training,” said Dr Patrizia Presbitero, Unit Director of Haemodynamics at Humanitas. “It gives a very clear idea of how an experienced surgeon behaves, his gestures and what he observes during a complex procedure.”

Google Glass being used by a surgeon is old news here in the US, but an exciting development for Italy. As most of you already know, the device isn’t readily available anywhere outside of the United States. The only way that doctors and surgeons in other areas can get Google Glass is by coming to the US and getting it or by paying for it in an unofficial market.

Google Glass has definitely found its way into the medical field. It may not be widespread and be used by every surgeon, but more and more people in the medical field are using it and finding good uses for it. It’s awesome to hear that, despite the device being sort of limited to the US, doctors outside the US are still getting to enjoy the relatively new tech.

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April 23, 2014